I have been taking my pets to Codornices for many years now, for all sorts of ailments both minor and major. The front desk staff is absolutely wonderful. Even when they are super busy they do whatever they can to ensure my pets get the timely care they need. I've seen quite a few different vets there over the years and every one has been respectful and genuine with the care they've offered and provided. They don't push for over the top treatments but do a great job of explaining the options. And the techs have always been kind and gentle, I think they can't help but fall in love with the critters in their care! I'm so glad to have found this gem of a small business to care for my furry babies.

Jen T.

I've found the staff and Dr. Gurley at Codornices Vet Clinic superb. Unlike other local clinic offices I don't feel they are pushing the most expensive trendy options but are truly interested in the health of our animals and the relationships between animals and humans. by the way I also feel staff are culturally sensitive, which again is not always the case, so much appreciated

Jennifer C.

Codornices has been my "go-to" vet for decades and for a number of pets. They have always provided excellent care and referrals when necessary. I trust them completely with my "best friends." My latest appointment with a newly adopted dog was another example of the fine care and consideration given both animals and their humans! Due to COVID restrictions I could not be in the exam room but Dr. Grant and the staff made sure that all my questions were addressed and suggestions made for some potential problem areas. I have seen multiple vets at the practice and all were both compassionate and skilled.

Mary R.