Canine Flu Outbreak in the Bay Area

There has been a serious outbreak of canine influenza in the South Bay. This is a highly contagious virus. Symptoms can vary from dog to dog and are respiratory (nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing) in nature. Some have no symptoms, while others become severely ill with fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Dogs can also spread the virus while not showing any symptoms.

We now have the canine flu vaccine (H3N2/H3N8) available. The vaccines have shown to help reduce infection rates and severity of disease. We recommend vaccinating unaffected dogs who will be exposed to other dogs (day care, dog parks, boarding, grooming). Two doses 2-4 weeks apart are required. Protection will not be established until 7-10 days after the second dose. Please make an appointment for an exam and vaccine if your dog is in this “at risk” group.

Once the dog is coughing, it is too late for the vaccine to be effective.

If your dog is coughing or has any other respiratory symptoms (nasal discharge, lethargy, loss of appetite) please call us to make an appointment at (510)524-3062.

If possible, avoid areas where there are other dogs (dog parks, groomer, day care facilities, boarding).

Thank you,

Codornices Veterinary Clinic