Thank you for your interest in participating in this trial, the purpose of which is twofold. First, we want to confirm the utility of the Fitbit One activity device ( to track basic activity parameters of pet dogs. Second, we want to solicit and share feedback from participants about other parameters you would like to track in addition to what the FitBit One does. All of this is to explore how to assess your dogs’ health better in a more comprehensive, objective, and convenient manner.

Each participant will have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement provided by mPetHealth, LLC, (please email agreement to for agreement) as well as completed a questionnaire for his/her dog before starting. Participants will then be provided a new or reprogrammed Fitbit One device to attach to their dogs’ collars via the elastic sleeve and clip that comes with the device, along with a Fitbit One recharging cable for the device’s battery. Participants will register and activate their devices as instructed on the Fitbit smart phone app. As part of the app registration process, you will be asked to enter an e-mail address to receive weekly Fitbit data summaries and alerts: please enter for this address. We will forward all alerts to each respective user and share all data summaries with all participants.


1.     Enter your dog’s height (floor to top of shoulder) and age in the Fitbit One app user profile; young ages may be rejected, so be prepared to enter an older age merely to complete then enrollment process. All participant questionnaires and Fitbit data summaries will be shared amongst all participants. Note that all information and discussions are considered property of mPetHealth, LLC and confidential to this trial. No information or discussions are to be shared outside the participant pool without written permission from mPetHealth, LLC.

2.     Insert the device into the elastic sleeve provided and attach the sleeve to the collar so it fits snugly. If the sleeve appears loose or otherwise at risk of falling off, let us know and we’ll provide you with a special zippered pocket to attach to the collar or a collar with its own zippered pocket to hold the device securely on the dog.

3.     The Fitbit One tracks the number of steps taken in a 24-hour period, and automatically calculates the distance traveled by multiplying the number of steps by the stride length (determined by the height of the wearer). The device will also calculate the number of stairs climbed and minutes of activity per day. In addition, the app allows manual entry of other details, such as exercise regimens, sleep duration and quality, and diet. These are entirely optional but feel free to explore them if you wish. Those additional entries will also be shared with all participants.  

4.     This is important: the device must be synched to the smart phone app at the end of every day. If not, all of that day’s data are lost because the Fitbit One resets every midnight for the next day. Synching is easy and performed by merely holding the smart phone near the Fitbit One on the dog’s collar while the app is active. And in case you may forget to synch your device to the app, we will send a nightly text message to your cellphone as a reminder.


We invite you to share your questions, observations, and suggestions with the other participants via a confidential Listserve established for this purpose. In addition, Skype conference calls will be scheduled for occasional group discussions. We are especially interested in knowing what else you would like to be tracked and displayed, in combination with the activity data from the Fitbit One device, for a more complete snapshot and digital archive of your dog’s health. For example, if your dog is not heat-tolerant or outdoor exercise is contraindicated on extremely cold days, would it be informative to include local weather conditions in a daily data summary? Or if your dog is prone to seizures induced by very loud noises and you’re trying out a new drug regimen for that problem, would it be helpful to know when police cars, fire trucks, ambulances passed by while responding to alarms?  Regarless hen Regardless of when the trial is completed, the Fitbit One is yours to keep.